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Dark Chocolate with Tabasco in Wedges Can

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TABASCO-SPICY-DARK-CHOC-WEDGESDoes the world need a TABASCO® flavoured chocolate? No. Is it a better place for having it? We think so! The result is understated. At first, the chocolate flavour merely seems amped, then, a slow warmth begins to cross the palate. The heat never reaches the point where one feels the need to douse it with water, but the enjoyable sensation is definitely evident in the smooth aftertaste!

We've resisted the urge to down one after another to see if a three-alarm fire will occur, but at only 30 calories per wedge, there's no reason to hold back! Another way to carry TABASCO® Brand in your purse ... TABASCO® Brand flavored chocolate! The velvety smooth dark chocolate flavor still remains, but be prepared for a little "kick" in every wedge.


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