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There’s nothing quite like tea. Tea can pick you up, it can calm you down. Tea is good like that. It’s like it knows you, takes care of you no matter when you need it. We make different teas for different customers, but always with the same attention to detail. Most importantly, the tea quality remains the same. And it’s not just about the tea. It’s about the whole experience, from the mug to tea caddy, that has a story behind it we haven’t told you yet. So put the kettle on and make yourself a cup of your favorite tea, then have a look at the products we make.

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Hibiscus Flowers

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Hibiscus-FlowersHibiscus flower tea is well known for its color, tanginess and mild flavor. It can be served hot or cold and mixed with other herbs, roots, and spices. It’s also naturally calming, which is why we’ve added it to our Little People’s tea and made it taste like strawberry cream. It’s also caffeine free so little people won’t end up running round like excited squirrels. And it’s so much better for little teeth than sugary drinks. In fact, from what we hear, big people seem to enjoy it too. Let us know if you’re one of them.


Rose hip

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rose hipThe home of the rose is thought to be Persia, but the rose is so old its true origins remain a mystery. Equally mysteriously, rose hip is often called ‘false fruit’, but there’s nothing false about its healing qualities. We blend it with raspberries and strawberries to make a Wild Berry tea that is rich in color and vitamins, with no caffeine.



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RooibosSouth African Rooibos (‘red bush’) is naturally caffeine free, with high levels of vitamins and minerals, and even more antioxidants than green tea. In South Africa it’s common to drink it without milk, using a slice of lemon and sugar or honey to sweeten it instead. The flavour of rooibos tea is often described as being naturally sweet and slightly nutty. We’ve been absolutely blown away by how successful it’s been.



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PeppermintHere’s a surprise. There are more than 210 species of mint. But the oil from white peppermint is considered the best. A native of Europe, peppermint likes warm, moist climates and the rich soil around rivers or streams. We pick the white peppermint for our Peppermint tea between July and August in the Danube Valley, when its tiny violet-colored flowers start blooming.

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