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Peureux Perfect 1864® Ultra Premium Vodka

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Perfect 1864®

In 2005, "Grandes Distilleries Peureux" joined with "Brie Champagne Distilleries" to produce Perfect 1864. The production of this vodka is the result of an original sharing of know-how between the farmers, the millers of Brie Champagne, whose traditions of quality go back to the Middle Ages, and the distillers.

The fermented wheat wort is distilled and filtered locally by "Brie Champagne Distilleries", the only French distillery specialising exclusively in the distilling of wheat. Maturing, blending, the addition of Vosges water, then filtering and bottling are done by "Grandes Distilleries Peureux" in Fougerolles, Franche-Comté, by master distillers who have inherited the great French tradition of the production and blending of the most delicate of fruit brandies. Finally, to launch this vodka in the United States, "Grandes Distilleries Peureux" has entered into a partnership with Legacy Imports, a company specialising in the distribution of upmarket spirits.

The quality of a great vodka depends to a great extent on the raw materials used, their origin, the method of distilling and, above all, on the know-how of the distiller. An "ultra premium vodka", Perfect 1864 is made in accordance with the most demanding French standards for the great spirits. Perfect 1864 is made exclusively from "froment", a soft bread wheat grown on the rich plains of Brie-Champagne. The grain is crushed, fermented and distilled multiple times locally according to an exclusive process. The clear spirit is then matured by the Master Distillers who are heirs to age old traditions. This spirit undergoes only a very light filtering due to its extreme purity while preserving its natural character.

It is then enriched with the legendary Vosges water, drawn from springs in the depths of the Ballons des Vosges natural preserve. Perfect 1864 is filled in a sleek, contemporary bottle bearing the crest of a fleur de lis. All under the eyes of the “Master Distillers”. Perfect 1864 is the smoothest vodka on earth and the highest quality vodka ever produced

Perfect 1864® é a Vodka mais suave e de maior qualidade, jamais produzida:

  1. Produzida em França.
  2. Enriquecida com uma das mais puras águas minerais francesas : Vosges water...
  3. O melhor trigo delicado do mundo, cultivado nos campos de Brie-Champagne, França...
  4. Um método de destilação único no mundo...
  5. Num tributo aos mestres da destilação da Peureux, Perfect 1864, é produzido no integral respeito da "Arte da Destilação" desde 1864.

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