For four generations, the Baxter family have been handing down their expertise to produce some of the UK’s finest soups, preserves, condiments, beetroot and chutney. 2019 marks their 150th anniversary. Baxter's was founded in 1868 by 25 year old gardener George Baxter when he borrowed £100 from family members and established a grocery shop in Fochabers, Moray. George's wife Margaret Baxter supported her husband by making jams and jellies using local fruits. The Baxter's shop became known for supplying pickles and preserves and began preparing their own beetroot, and selling it to other grocers. Every beet in a Baxter's jar is carefully hand selected, gently steamed in small batches and pickled in our unique Baxter's vinegar recipe. This ensures they maintain the very best quality, texture and taste until opened by you. Other Baxter's favourites are pickled onions. Crisp, full flavoured, delicious and crunchy pickled onions carefully hand selected and pickled n the same way as beets.

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