Coeur de Pom

Coeur de Pom works daily to provide its consumer with a wide and diverse range of natural flavours and colours. From pure fruit juice to every day drinks for breakfast or sparkling fruit to share on festive occasions in friendly places, Coeur de Pom is present and accompanies any meal. Alain Peridy is an avid producer: In the early 2000s he acquired 20 hectares of apple orchards. These apples have since been handpicked in an extremely careful manner, completely excluding some fruits because they are too small, too large, slightly deformed and they cannot reach the supermarket stalls. With those same apples Alain PERIDY had planned to develop a natural apple juice. During an event, Alain sympathized with a business consultant named Jackie Collett and both formed an offspring synergy to create a structure with the ability to design quality fruit juices that quickly sprouted. Now surrounded by more than thirty employees, Alain Péridy presides over the fate of the company and the Coeur de Pom 'brand. An agile company, driven by strong values ​​that combine a taste for challenge, common sense and a certain creativity.

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