Delizie di Calabria

Delizie di Calabria is an Italian family-run business established in 1985 by Domenico Scalise and his family. The company's mission is to promote and spread the Calabrian rural culinary tradition even through advanced technologies. The company has a highly technological and certified control system that guarantees a high standard of authenticity and security during all processes. At the same time, it still exists artisan processes that brings passion and keeps alive tradition, its old recipes and authentic tastes. Delizie di Calabria protects the goodness of things done "as in ancient times". Delizie di Calabria produces typical Calabrian specialties, the same ones that marked the culinary history of this land and were passed by ancestors. Hot sauces, pasta seasonings, vegetables in oil, pasta seasonings, sauces and jams. Almost all of them with the presence of Calabrian Peperoncino, the most fragrant in the world.

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