The story begins in 1912 when Telesforo Fini, lover of good food and life’s everyday little pleasures, opens a smart shop in the historical centre of Modena. For his clients, only the best of Emilia’s fine fare could be served! The pursuit of gastronomic excellence is a family trait. In the back shop Telesforo’s wife, Giuditta, makes special tortellini for their most loyal customers: the taste is beyond compare. Those who try them can no longer do without. It is love at first bite. A passion shared is a passion better enjoyed. Thus in 1930 Mr Fini decides to open his very own restaurant where clients can enjoy the Fini family tortellini and relax in a homely atmosphere. This temple of Modenese fine dining instantly becomes a household name in all of Italy. In 1958 a large artisan workshop is set up inside the family villa. The aim? To see Fini’s delicious tortellini make it onto the dinner tables of Italians nationwide. The company takes over management of a number of motorway service station restaurants and opens a point of sale at Linate airport. In the Eighties, Fini’s delicious tortellini travel far, crossing national borders. Thanks to the first tortellini-making machinery, the family-run business is finally able to please palates the world over, becoming a fully-fledged international food manufacturer. To celebrate this milestone with the nation, the company broadcasts its first TV advertisement and all the tradition of good food from Modena expands to every region of Italy. In 2010 sports passion and culinary tradition meet on the football field. The Italian Football Federation appoints Fini as official supplier to the national team, in recognition of the wholesomeness of its products. Fini’s Grandi Classici tortellini with bronze die extruded pasta thus become part of the training regime at meal times at the Coverciano camp. In keeping with its mission to bring consumers gastronomic excellence, Fini continues to innovate, introducing new product ranges like our fresh sauces and fish carpaccios. Because every meal is a journey exploring tastes, the desire to constantly improve motivates Fini to embark on new adventures, launching the project “Non solo buono”, created in conjunction with Conserve della Nonna and Greci Specialità per la Ristorazione to share our share our skills and tastes with others who believe that nowadays being good is no longer enough. Is a a new tradition begin.

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