Socilink is pleased to present its new product catalog for 2023. Currently celebrating seventeen years of existence, we seek to guide our course by the consolidation of the company as a reference in the area of representation of selected food products in the domestic market.

Socilink is dedicated to the distribution of food and related products. As reflected in our slogan “World of Flavors”, we understand our mission to be the incessant search for different products, not massified and that provide national consumers the freedom to experiment and get to know new flavors, textures and aromas.

The “World of Flavors” that we have been building has also been guided by rigor, demand and product quality, allied to an efficient and personalized customer service. Our goal since day one has been to be your right partner, providing you with the best products from the most diverse geographies and gastronomic cultures in the world, so that you can make them available to your customers.

Aware of our position in the market as a distributor, we have from the very first moment assumed efficiency, information, speed, and personalization of customer service as the guiding principles of our actions.
Socilink has had its Food Safety Management System certified in accordance with NP EN ISO 22000 since 2014, thus providing an additional guarantee of the rigor and seriousness that we place in the selection, handling and distribution of our products. Certification also embodies our commitment to continuous improvement as a path to the full satisfaction of our customers.

We have sought to structure our product portfolio, in close collaboration with customers and suppliers, giving it breadth, complementarity and uniqueness. We would like to highlight as examples the extensive range of spices and aromatic herbs, the diversification of ethnic products and the investment in national products through our Nevis brand with emphasis on fish preserves and pâtés. The diversification of Socilink’s offer also involves a growing bet on the availability of premium products specifically developed for the hotel and restaurant sector which is embodied in various “Food Service” products.

We invite you to learn more about this new edition of our catalog and we challenge you to stay tuned to our website and Facebook page, where we will continue to share with you all the news about our products, including their explanation, suggestions for use and recipes that will surprise you.

Flyer Food Service Selection 2023

The diversification of Socilink’s offer includes a growing bet on the availability of premium products specifically developed for the restaurant and hotel sector which is materialised in our Food Service section summarised in our “Food Service Selection 2023”.

We invite you to enjoy our brochure and we challenge you to stay tuned to our website and our Social Media.

Catalog Socilink 2023
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