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Galateo&Friends offers you the best of the famous “Italian well being” through a concept dedicated to those people who like to enjoy beautiful things. The word “Galateo” in Portuguese translates to the word “etiquette” in the sense of the set of rules of conduct that identify good education. “Going beyond” as an expression means, etymologically, to stand out and this has always been the professional commitment of Marco Bonaldo, the CEO of Galateo & Friends, pushing the boundaries of material quality, whether sensory, nutritional, or service so that the immaterial, the impalpable, and the transmission of emotion can be achieved. Of gourmet typology, Galateo & Friends decide to start by proposing a complete line of condiments as an expression of their excellence: Italian products, from extra virgin olive oil to balsamic vinegar, apple condiments and liquid spray salt. Galateo & Friends experts travel around the country to better understand what the territory and wisdom of the people can offer. Since its inception, it has tasted, smelling, admiring, selecting and collecting for itself, but especially for its customers, a whole series of impressions for the purpose of composing a true essence of well-being. Its philosophy is that the most presentable involves the most tasty.

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