Pronto Fresco

Prontofresco is a Greci company that offers a range of products exclusively dedicated to Food Service. Greci was born in 1923 in the interior of Parma, in the heart of the Italian Food Valley. The passion for the land and their typical products created a company specialized in tomato processing. With a fast growth and big ambitions, the company decided to dedicate its production exclusively to Food Service and creates a new product line inspired by the typical recipes of Italian cuisine, signed with the Prontofresco brand. Each product meets the needs of the restaurant owners and helps to bring a rich and genuine flavors to the table, from appetizers to desserts. Since then, a range of over 500 products has been developed and that allowed to Prontofresco become a leader in Italian Food Service and a model of excellence and quality. In 2003 the company exported his production to a country that lives from culinary, opening a factory the French capital: Paris. Honoring the fragrances and colors of Italian land, Prontofresco has always chosen ingredients that guarantees the origin and typicality and in 2011 they certified their products as PDO and PGI, achieving the title of Italian excellence. The respect for the land, love of true food, passion for cooking and attention to well-being are the values ​​that drive Prontofresco to achieve excellence. These values ​​led ProntoFresco to participate in the “Non solo buono” project. A project that, together with Fini and Greci, allows the exchange of skills and tastes, since being good today is no longer enough.

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