Regno degli Ulivi

Sicily, considered “Regno degli Ulivi” (The kingdom of Oliveira), a land full of myths and legends that has preserved a precious heritage for hundreds of years: Oliveira; an elderly witness, capable of surviving and even prevailing the adversities to which she has been exposed for centuries.

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A wide range of extra virgin oils flavored with various spices

Sicily, “Regno degli Ulivi” (The Olive Kingdom), a land of myth and
legends, has for thousands of years withheld a precious inheritance,
the Olive tree, an ancient witness, capable of outliving the adversities it has been exposed to for centuries.

A symbol of the Santangelo family’s own roots, that still feels that
essential bond with the past, in spite of the passing of time and still works respecting craftsmanship and traditions.
At the same time, a policy of renewal has been capable of taking the
company into the future and international markets, allowing it to affirm its own quality brand and expertise, where nothing is improvisation.
An assortment of Extra Virgin Olive Oil based condiments, rich in nutritional values and sensorial nuances; a quality that has improved in time, thanks to a constant professional growth of its experts.

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