Val de France

Val de France is a brand of the French Cooperative based in Val de Rance. It was founded in 1953, when 12 apple producers from Vale do Rance decided to share the means of production and distribution. The 12 producers launched the cooperative “Les Celliers Associés” in Pleudihen-sur-Rance in Côtes d'Armor, on a plot of 5 hectares on the border with the Rance River. The cooperative's initial objective was to dispose of production from member producers, turning apples into cider.

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One of the main cider players in France

It all started in 1953, when 12 apple growers from the Rance Valley decided to share production and distribution meanss. Sharing the same passion and the same aim, they launched the “Les Celliers Associés” cooperative in Pleudihen-sur-Rance in the Côtes d’Armor, on a 5-hectare site bordering the Rance River.

The mission is to provide an outlet for producers-members by transforming apples into cider and apple juice, for the pleasure of all. The cooperative model is based on strong human values: democracy, transparency, equity, responsibility, solidarity. Specifically, the producer-members of our cooperative elect a board of directors composed of 12 members, representing all the members.

It defines the purchase price of apples, the remuneration of producer-members, the major strategic orientations and the sharing of value (the balance between producers’ remuneration and future investments). All producer-members have the assurance of being able to grow their orchards in a sustainable and responsible way. And to secure the future of their cider apple farms, often handed down from generation to generation.

Today, the Cooperative is one of the major players in cider in France.
Has 401 producers-members and the cider house has a team of 102 permanent employees. For 64 years, the Cooperative has worked hard to preserve the quality and naturalness of our Val de France ciders. There is a commitment that day after day to a total quality approach to making French cider unique with various flavors, and according to the new uses and wishes of consumers!

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