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The Bernard family has been producing pure and quality maple syrup since the early 19th century. Much has changed since those days but the family has always preserved and religiously transmitted its knowledge to next generations, reaching the 5th generation of Bernard Master Sugar Makers today. At Industries Bernard & Fils, all products are tested in their own in-house lab, certifying that whether you buy certified or conventional organic products, you can always count on quality products that will exceed your expectations.

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Carefully prepared by the fifth generation of the Bernard family in Canada

The Bernard family has been making pure maple syrup since the early 1800s when our forefathers collected sap from the maple trees with hanging buckets, returned it to the sugar shack in horse-drawn wooden vats, and boiled it down to maple syrup in iron kettles that sat over an open fire.
Much has changed since those early colonial days, but the lessons learned about how to make premium quality maple syrup have been carefully preserved and diligently handed down through our family to be used by the present-day 5th generation of Bernard Master Sugar Makers.

The Industries Bernard offers the pure maple syrup with a 200-year-old tradition of making only the finest pure maple syrup.
At Bernard & Fils Industries, they are as concerned about the safety of our products as they are about their great taste. For this reason, they do not only rely on their internal laboratory to check all products prior to shipping, but also on a number of recognized third party audit groups to help monitor the methods and inspect the equipment and facilities.
As part of the service, Bernard & Fils Industries spare no effort to ensure that the products we offer for your enjoyment are always absolutely safe.

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