Bornholms, the company that owns the Officer brand, is headquartered in Iceland. Its main focus is the canned cod liver market. All the raw material used for the production is entirely wild and fresh.

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Iceland's Leading Distributor of Canned Cod Liver

Bornholms, the company that owns the Officer brand.

Officer was founded in 1915, and since then its main focus has been on the distribution of high quality products. The brand is Iceland’s leading canned cod liver distributor, where they are shareholders in 2 factories located in Iceland.

The brand distributes canned cod liver all over the world and has a very large segment of the private label market. The product range is smoked cod liver, unsmoked cod liver and with other flavors such as spices and herbs.

The activities in Denmark were sold in 2019, and Officer is now mainly focused on the canned cod liver market, based on Icelandic raw material. All the raw material used for our production is entirely based on local fresh wild raw material.

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