Since 1991, the search for exciting ingredients has led two best friends, George and Adam, a car full of Provencal olives on a ferry to create The Fresh Olive Company. But, because relentless search for different ingredients has turned out to be much more than olives and olive oil. Trading as The Belazu Ingredient Company, the company continued to build a reputation in the food service industry. They started by providing independent restaurants and eateries, but over time, through word of mouth and recommendations, the customer base has grown considerably, a wide range of industries within the food industry, from the best Michelin star restaurants to the largest manufacturer of UK foods. Today Belazu offers a wide range of innovative and traditional antipasti, grains, pastes and vinegars. Today, they have a fleet of vans every day, delivering throughout the Southeast and Midlands and it is this close relationship with commerce that is their muse and inspiration.

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