The Cuevas group, founded in 1867, has been characterized since its origins by the diversification of its activities. For three decades, the management of Cuevas y Cía. SA., Being one of the four subsidiaries of the Group, taking on the challenge of founding the first Marron Glecé plant in Spain.

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Galicia and its mountainous region set an extraordinary scenario for the production of chestnuts


Foundation of the Cuevas Group.


Constitution of Cuevas y Cía. Whose activity is born with a clear export vocation for agroforestry products, specializing in the export of Fresh Chestnuts.


A new business line is launched, focused on the commercialization of frozen products, mainly to serve the Asian market.


Construction of the first Marron Glacé factory in Spain, as a result of the search for different innovative processes and technological applications that provide greater added value to the product.


A pioneer brand in the sector with a leadership position sustained over three decades and an external commercial network that covers 26 countries on 5 continents.

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