Eight years have passed since deSiam started making our very first jars of curry paste. Marisa Phiwkhaw-Haurie is the founder and together with his husband Herve Haurie and a Managing Partner Chana Prasitvej, they create a independent, family owned company that strives to honour the country’s traditions by bringing authentic Thai food items to consumers’ tables. Marisa has extensive knowledge of Thai cuisine which she acquired from graduating from Suan Dusit Bangkok culinary school. Nowadays, Marisa is the brain behind our deSIAM recipes, ant the reason behind the taste buds being ticked by their products! His husband, Herve is the responsible for the business development. He is a French national who has been living in Thailand for over 20 years. Chana is in charge of anything to do with operations and logistics for deSIAM in Thailand. He has a strong entrepreneurial background which was heavily influenced by his successful and locally acclaimed Thai Chinese family. deSiam Thailand products are manufactured and packaged in the home land – making the product not only ethnic, but authentic! Whatever your favourite Thai dish is, deSIAM has the sauces, noodles, wraps, dipping sauces and seasonings based on traditional family recipes to transport your home-cooked menu to Southeast Asia in minutes.

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