La Maison Armorine

Born in 1946, Maison Armorine celebrates today more than 70 years of existence, perpetuating for three generations, the traditions and know-how of this family of artisan confectioners. The company's success began with the commercialization of "Niniches®" lollipops, produced according to a traditional family recipe that includes a delicious salted caramel and fruit flavors. Today, all the creativity is also expressed through a wide range of salty lollipops and caramels such as Salidou® and Les Cuchettes® which are also available with natural fruit flavors.

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Maison d’Armorine has more than 70 years of experience and three generations of confectioners

Based in Quiberon, Yvonne and Raymond Audebert were audacious confectioners. In 1946, they perpetuate all the know-how of our Breton grandparents by making the famous “Niniches®” lollipops: a delicious caramel with salted butter and a plethora of fruit aromas.
In that postwar time in France, where sugar was rediscovered, success is immediate for the famous Niniches, they will be awarded: “Best candy in France”. It is a specialty now referenced to the culinary heritage of France.
The quality of these different specialties is based on raw materials (local products, fresh butter, milk, cream, Guérande salt, but also sugar cane …), keeping the traditional manufacturing processes, copper cauldrons and a good know-how.Creator of sweets, La Maison d’Armorine in Quiberon is one of the last gourmet paradise of Breton crafts. Even today, all the creativity in the house is expressed through a wide range of salted butter caramels such as Salidou® and Salidou® Cream.Armorine House celebrates more than 70 years of tangent existence today, perpetuating for three generations the traditions and know-how of this family of confectioner craftsmen.

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