Chateau Montifaud VS Ariane Cognac awarded at the World Cognac Awards 2021!

Socilink is extremely proud to announce that Chateau Montifaud’s Cognac VS has won the Gold Medal in the prestigious World Cognac Awards Awards 2021.

This terrific VS (very special) spirit, aged for between 4-6 years in French Oak casks is distilled from grapes grown strictly in the Petite Champagne region, which is ranked highly as one of the finest crus in Cognac. This VS Ariane Cognac is youthful and feisty, with notes of sweet grape, fresh stone fruit, apples, vanilla and bright, nutty oak. A cut above most VS Cognacs, Chateau de Montifaud once again illustrate why they have such a strong standing in the world of spirits.

Get to know in more detail all the features of this unique product: Cognac VS Ariane.

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