Duck foie gras escalope with mango and watercress

This foie gras recipe is simply delicious. Attention should be paid to grilling the foie escalope. As everyone knows it is a very fatty meat, this requires an exact cooking time. If you fry too much you will lose a lot of volume, as the fat melts very easily. On the other hand, little frying will result in a raw foie. Furthermore the temperature completely alters the proper time. Thus, finding the correct point becomes a matter of trial and error.


Preparation Method

  1. Season the scallops with black pepper. Let it rest at room temperature while you prepare the mango and watercress.
  2. Wash and dry the watercress well. Peel the mango and take two pieces about the size of the foie gras scallops.
  3. Take an iron skillet to the fire to heat well. Spread olive oil on both sides of the mango pieces. When the skillet is very hot, put the mango to grill, keep the heat on medium.
  4. As soon as you put the sleeve to grill, take another skillet, this non-stick, on medium heat. Put the two escalopes to fry while it is still cold. Sprinkle sea salt over the scallops.
  5. After 5 minutes, turn the mango pieces and the foie scallops. Sprinkle sea salt over the other side of the scallops. Leave the mango and foie for another 5 minutes.
  6. Turn off the heat and serve the foie over the mango accompanied by watercress.
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